NEW! Wonderful black cupcake liner

NEW! Wonderful black cupcake liner
Item# new-wonderful-black-cupcake-liner

Product Description

So pretty for tha special event or to collect or for the paper scrapbooker. Gorgeous greaseproof nordic Swedish papers in the finest of quality for that extra special gift, baking endeavour and true class.

Muffin L (large) The size for a large muffin, also suitable for large cupcakes, dinner rolls: Product information The baking cups are produced from the highest quality of Swedish greaseproof paper. All the baking cups are produced with solid and thicker paper than generally uses for baking cups. The paper is 100 % cellulose and biodegradable. For the household baker or pastry professionals who recognize the value of having quality paper baking products in their kitchens. The baking cups are available in this size Muffin L (large) 46 x 62mm (1,81 x 2,44) 70 g (3,17oz) 15 pcs gift box package of 15